Intercept-X for the Home?

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Sophos Home protects every Mac and PC in your home from malware, viruses, ransomware, and inappropriate websites. It uses the same award-winning technology that IT professionals trust to protect their businesses. Best of all, you can manage security settings for the whole family—whether they’re down the hall or across the world.

Were  testing the newest beta of Home Premium and the key here is that you get the benefits of the proven CryptoGuard capabilities in Sophos Intercept X block ransomware – including all Wanna variants – as soon as it starts trying to encrypt your files, returning data to its original state:

  • Protects endpoints from ransomware attacks
  • Automatically rolls back encrypted file changes with no loss of data
  • Stops both local and remote file encryption

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One click to stay on top of the threat news

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We have been asked several times, from our customers, where do we get the latest updates on threats and what needs to be done to stay safe.  Well, we added a simple page, that we encourage you to bookmark and refer to a couple times a week.

If you have additional links, post your favorites and we will continue to improve on our list.

Don’t risk not knowing the latest news related to the newest threats

Attacks Increase in Number, Complexity, Sophistication

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All businesses large, small or in-between, must live and learn to thrive in a world with an ever-increasing threat of cyber risks. Those risks are rising for many reasons, from the growing attack surface to the increasing complexity and sophistication of such attacks.

Having a well thought out strategy

It is no longer something you do once your business grows, it is something you need to have before launching your first website page.  Having a strategy requires understanding not only what needs to be done to get started, but also what you’re going to do when it happens.  It means knowing what resources you have available to you to fight back, but also how to make sure you start out as a formidable force and able to present yourself on the web knowing you can withstand the assault that will undoubtedly be thrown at you.

Having a strategy doesn’t stop at the front gates, today this strategy needs to encompass your entire technology footprint.  So what do e mean by “footprint”?  It means anything you touch or interact with to manage your business.  This means mobile, office telephony (VoIP),  video & video surveillance, seaming simple IoT devices and pretty much anything  that connects to something else using WiFi, wired internet, bluetooth.

Taking action

One thing we strongly recommend to our potential clients, please find an industry professional to help you build a plan.  What we see SMB’s do all the time is rush to put themselves on the web with the perspective “their not looking for me…“.  What we tell them is simple, “your right!”, but the rest of that conversation is about how they will get noticed in all the wrong ways.  There is a reason why IT professionals are so emphatic with regards to standards, process, protocols its called experience.  Don’t believe for a second you can do what they can do and don’t believe for a second the big-box-store-tech can match what that industry professional is demonstrating, ask them to explain their recommendation, you will probably shock them.

So how do you manage and protect your office, home and mobile technology without hiring an army to patrol your traffic 24×7?  Take a look at what Sophos discusses in the attached document “Synchronized Security: A Revolution in Threat Protection”.  Once you have reviewed this and visited their site at to better understand the sophistication they bring to keeping you safe, let us know what you think by posting your questions.

We strongly recommend you review the attachment and invite your feedback.

Please download this whitepaper to read more about the current threats and how Sophos can help protect you and your business.